Why Developing Buyer Personas is Invaluable

Attract Ideal Customers to Your Website with Buyer Personas You are a manufacturer, which means most days, you are swamped between responding to customers, managing inventory, solving a technical issue and the list goes on and on. You may think you have a clear understanding of your customer base but do you really understand their […]

Felber PR & Marketing partners with ADEXMA

Felber PR & Marketing Collaboration with International Agency ADEXMA

 Twinsburg, OH, August 29, 2017 – Felber PR & Marketing, a premier PR & Marketing agency focused solely on business-to-business manufacturing companies, announces its collaboration with ADEXMA, an international marketing agency known for helping Western European and US companies export in new markets.   Felber PR & Marketing and ADEXMA will work in tandem to […]

Why Manufacturers Still Need Traditional PR & Marketing in a Digital World

Let’s face it, manufacturers are living, breathing and selling in a digital world. If you’ve read our page on inbound marketing, you already know why manufacturers need to devote their time and talents to inbound marketing. However, manufacturers shouldn’t discredit the power of traditional publicity tactics; as well as advertising and trade show marketing. In this […]

The 5 Biggest Inbound Marketing Mistakes Manufacturers Make

Inbound marketing is one of the most buzzed about topics among manufacturers, especially in Northeast Ohio. Many manufacturing companies have implemented successful inbound marketing strategies, which are bringing them more qualified leads and giving them better insight into their prospects and customers. However, for as many manufacturers that have successfully implemented inbound, there are just […]

Website Launch Pad for Growth-Driven Design

Website redesign with growth driven design means creating a website launch pad to collect data and adjust the site to achieve your marketing goals. A website launch pad is a foundational website that focuses on the most important features to reach your objectives. It enables users to discover and find out more about your products […]

5 Stages of Email Marketing Campaigns

Follow the customer lifecycle with your email marketing campaigns to turn prospects into subscribers, leads, customers, and finally, fans. Email Marketing Campaigns Email is an extremely useful tool for marketers because a customer’s inbox is their private space. Moreover, it is separated from the distractions of the Internet and social media. For a marketer, obtaining […]

ADEXMA - Toronto Airport

Favorite Tips For Reaching New Markets

  Reaching New Markets Adexma’s series on international markets concludes the year with a retrospective covering the most important tips before reaching new markets. Although social media and the Internet have dominated discussions about marketing strategies, it is the basics of building a strong home base and really understanding a target country’s culture that will successfully take […]

International Survey on Business Development

  Blog Feedback Take our international survey and help us make even better content! It’s all up to you — learn the latest about marketing campaigns and website development from the comfort of your inbox. Our blog is about the international professional experience. Topics include the top challenges to meet your international goals, opportunities for growth, and […]