Adexma @ Medica 2016

European Trade Show 10-Week Program

Attending a European trade show can reward even the busiest manager with a fresh outlook, new connections, and great opportunities. Feel like you don’t have the time to spare? In just ten weeks, your business can benefit from all that some of the biggest trade shows in the world can offer, such as the Hanover […]

International Survey on Business Development

  Blog Feedback Take our international survey and help us make even better content! It’s all up to you — learn the latest about marketing campaigns and website development from the comfort of your inbox. Our blog is about the international professional experience. Topics include the top challenges to meet your international goals, opportunities for growth, and […]

French Construction and Industrial Properties

The revenue of French construction is distributed as follows: 47% residential (individual and collective), 31% nonresidential, and 22% infrastructure (public works and civil engineering), according to the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies’ latest data from 2011. With the difficult economy, “Western Europe will be a particularly attractive destination for buyers, especially for […]

Doing Business in the United Kingdom: Challenges and Opportunities

The United Kingdom is often cited as a top destination for the headquarters of an international business. Its well-educated, English-speaking populace makes the country an attractive place for U.S. businesses to gain a foothold in a European market. Based on gross domestic product (GDP) and population size, the United Kingdom has great potential to expand […]