Customer Databases

Good Customer Relationship Management Programs

include a customer database with email, activities, notes, opportunities, services, marketing, and integration/automation (for invoices and followup). Well-managed CRM databases have three key benefits:

  • Opportunities are recognized
  • Teamwork increases
  • Company valuation rises

Have Minimum Requirements

These activities take time and resources. ADEXMA prepares your data for international market segmentation and buyer personas by cleaning and maintaining the quality of your customer database.

  • An administrator (1/2 day per week per 10 people)
  • Company-wide adoption (top down)
  • Report generation (including pipeline, activities, and problem reports)

Including Inbound Sales Techniques

  • Contacts: Contact records represent the people you work with in your sales efforts.
  • Templates: Use email templates to find the balance between efficiency and personalization.
  • Email tracking: Gather information about your contacts so you can better understand their needs.
  • Calls: Make calls at the right time. 
  • Deal tracking: Record the sales you’ve made and prioritize the accounts you’re currently working with.



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