International Websites

International websites are the focus of your marketing activities and your face to the world, but traditional website design or redesign includes a great deal of risk. Use growth-driven design as part of your inbound marketing toolkit to bypass traditional methods that are slow and outdated.  

Minimize Risk

The faster your new website reaches its target market, the better. And with growth-driven design, metrics, and user research, your site's mission will stay agile.

  • Minimize the risk of website design/redesigns by strategically shortening the time to go live.
  • Use growth-driven design to push marketing and sales. Metrics help to inform and improve marketing and sales.
  • Continuously research, test, and learn about user behavior to reach peak performance. 

Growth-Driven Design

Link website performance strategy to concrete goals, and dedicate design to function with user experience in mind. Site traffic and depth of content will grow with these standards in place.

  • STRATEGY: Gain an understanding of users and how to best fit the website to their life.
  • GOALS: Develop a clear understanding of the business objectives of the website.
  • PERSONAS: Create personas, or fictional representations of customers. This helps to increase empathy.
  • ASSUMPTIONS: Identify core elements of the business and website. Validate through user research and testing.
  • USER JOURNEY MAP: Develop a holistic view of your personas’ lives before, during, and after contact with your company.
  • USER RESEARCH: Learn about your users in order to generate and validate ideas.
  • BRAINSTORM: Develop creative, game-changing ideas to solve user challenges.
  • LAUNCH: Create a site with only the core, value-driving elements that is better than your current site.

Inbound Marketing 

Learn more about the growth-driven design methodology by contacting ADEXMA, an international inbound marketing agency. We have offices in the United States and in France. To adapt your communication to the local culture, we also work with a network of certified international freelancers. ADEXMA prepares your international website for business development with inbound marketing and growth-driven design methodologies.



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