Public Relations

We work with Feber PR & Marketing, a public relations and marketing agency specializinf in business-to-business manufacturers, to give your manufacturing company the recognition it deserve in the United States.

Today’s manufacturers have many options for their marketing budgets.  From inbound marketing to traditional advertising, there are tested ways to improve your brand’s image and motivate prospects to buy.

So, what’s the problem?

It is essential to stay in front of prospects, period. How your prospects make the decision to buy or even conduct research has changed. Either adjust or get left behind.

Public relations tactics are and remain a powerful tool. Content marketing and live business intelligence have changed the game for manufacturers.

Tired of your competitors in the news?

Public Relations is an excellent tactic to increase brand awarness in foreign market. Coupled with an inbound campaign you now have the tools to nurture leads and turn them from prospects to customers quicker and more efficiently.

How we increase brand recognition and manufacturing lead generation:

  • Feature Stories on your people, services and products
  • News Releases
  • Speaking and educational engagements
  • Awards
  • Press Conferences
  • Special Events
  • Targeted media campaigns

It has to be newsworthy, period.

Felber PR & Marketing works with you to identify newsworthy topics and choose the best avenue to deliver your message to the right audience at the right time with the right channel.   They engage local United States media and manufacturing industry publications.

Felber PR & Marketing team needs to know the publication’s editorial direction, engage with editors on social media and arrange interviews and tours. They connect people, processes, and ideas together. They turn this raw material into content utilized in multiple marketing and publicity tools.


Increase Trade Show ROI

Conferences, networking events, seminars and trade shows are a great way to engage large groups of prospects and customers.

Are you seeing ROI on your trade show investment? Do you attend trade shows and wonder why prospects never stop by your booth? Are the few leads you receive not even qualified?

We developed a step-by-step, detailed process helping manufacturers exhibiting at shows.

  • Pre-show: Defining your tactics
  • During the show: Owning the floor
  • Post-show: Measure success and follow-up

What are your goals for this show?

  • Actual sales and signed purchase agreements?
  • Introduce a new product line for the first time?
  • Are you setting future appointments?
  • Are you trying to improve customer relations?
  • Have you calculated your tradeshow Return on Investment (ROI)

Differentiate yourself from every other manufacturing exhibitor. Most companies do not follow up after shows. They never put a plan in place to use the valuable leads they have captured.


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