With Business Analytics,

We improve Pricing, Sales, and Supply Chain performance.

ADEXMA is a business consulting firm specializing in price, sales, and supply chain optimization. The company provides Power BI reports to help companies analyze data, manage processes, and optimize their strategies. ADEXMA also provides consulting services to help companies develop and implement pricing strategies tailored to their business objectives.

Our solutions to improve
your company's performance


It allows companies to understand their environment and their customers better, optimize their profit margins and pricing strategies, and increase their revenues and profitability. 


It allows companies to identify opportunities to increase their revenue, identify and optimize pricing strategies, and track and monitor the performance of their sales and supply chain operations. 

Supply Chain

It allows companies to identify and optimize their supply chain operations, identify areas for cost savings, and monitor performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

ADEXMA is a management consulting firm specializing in helping B2B manufacturers navigate the complex landscape of pricing analytics.

What do you specialize in?

We provide tailored services that empower companies to transform their data into strategic pricing decisions. Utilizing technologies like Azure and Power BI so we can analyze and connect complex data sets from various ERP systems, turning them into actionable insights.

When should we start?

In the current competitive and rapidly evolving manufacturing sector, where traditional pricing methods are no longer sufficient, our services are more relevant than ever. We help manufacturers transition from outdated pricing models to strategies that consider variables like product characteristics, customer segmentation, costs, and competition.

Where are your clients located?

Regardless of your geographical location or the type of ERP system you're using, ADEXMA bridges the gap. We have the capacity to consolidate data from multiple ERP systems, breaking down silos and providing a unified, comprehensive view of your business's pricing landscape.

Why should we use your services?

The challenge of managing multiple ERP systems, each potentially creating its own data silo, can obstruct a holistic view of a company's operations. This is where ADEXMA comes in. Our unique expertise lies in navigating this complex landscape, enabling your team to make informed, data-driven pricing decisions.

How do you work?

Our approach goes beyond technology; it's about empowerment. Our goal is not to create dependency but to equip your team with the tools, knowledge, and confidence they need to make the most of pricing analytics. We place a high value on clear communication and client focus, ensuring that your team fully benefits from our expertise, regardless of their technical proficiency.

Our Values

Teamwork: We actively engage and collaborate with others. We foster diversity and an inclusive environment with our team, clients, and community.

Problem-Solving: Through creativity and commitment, we continuously strive to deliver impactful benefits for our clients.

Respectful: We treat team members, clients, and others with respect always.


What our customers write about us

They stepped up to take primary ownership of one of our strategically important lines of business, managed out of Europe. They were successful in establishing a strong rapport with that business leader and driving meaningful and positive change in that part of the business. I appreciated his efforts in doing so. To this day, we continue to benefit from the work that we were able to execute and implement. [C]


I found ADEXMA to have an in-depth perspective and knowledge of cross-cultural and cross-functional teams regarding big-picture projects. Their expertise in working with the French, Canadian, and U.S. entities has given them the skills to manage any complex international business. [C]


The Digital Transformation Team took our manual customer tracking, project installation, and warranty process and completely revolutionized it in ways we didn't even know were possible. Together we created a finely tuned, integrated solution that changed the face of our company.
The team understands some of our internal processes better than our own employees do!
That intimate understanding of our operations and ability to add such incredible value to our process has paved the way for the continued organic growth of our business.  [B]


I recommend ADEXMA for their international knowledge, capacity for strategic analysis, and leadership ability. [C]